Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Facts about...ME!

1. I hate Jell-O. Always have, always will.

2. I am allergic to food colouring, but still complain about hives after eating fruit loops or other various candies.

3. My biggest addiction is Chap Stick. I will literally be overcome with anxiety if I don’t have some readily available to me, and will purchase hoards of sticks at the next Costco shopping excursion just so I have a bountiful amount that I can place strategically around my house/car/purse/jacket. Every sweater and jacket I own has a least one chapstick in a pocket. 

4. I love hugs and snuggles and kisses on the cheek. There’s something about the warmth of someone you love that can dismiss any terrible goings on from the day. 

5. I"m a great actress but terrible liar. For some stupid reason, lying makes me either giggle or make stupid faces so it's obvious I'm not telling the truth. 

6. I can remember everyone’s birthday, every anniversary, phone number, and any minute detail about anything, but will forget what I went into a room to do in a matter of seconds. I basically have no short term memory. Pretty sure I need to seek help.

7. I loathe fake people with fake profile pictures on social networking sites. If you’re ugly and obese, painting your face with ten pounds of makeup and using sneaky photo angles to create the illusion that you’re not a total dog just makes you look worse in person. It's annoying, stop it.

8. I hate leftovers.

9. I have the luck of the Irish when it comes to any sort of gambling activities. Except slots. I suck monkey balls when it comes to slots.

10. I like things that smell like coconut. 

11. I have a freckle on my collarbone that I adore. I also have three freckles in the shape of a triangle on my tummy and one on my knee that is pretty awesome too. 

12. I like scrapbooking and making cards. I'm really into Christmas cards right now.

13. I can fit more grapes in my mouth than anyone I know. (the secret is to open up your trachea – you can fit more in ;) 

14. I bought my car on a random impulse.

15. Sometimes I can read minds and predict the future.

16.Fall is my favourite season and so are the colours that come with it. Orange is the best and can actually turn my mood from sour to jovial with the glance of a perfect hue.

17. I have a really hard time singing along to songs because I always hear the music above the lyrics.

18. I don't enjoy chocolate. I love to bake with it, just not eat it.

19. I love sharks. I think they're incredibly fascinating and terrifying at the same time. If a shark and a crocodile were to fight, a shark would totally win. If Megalodon were to fight T-Rex, Megalodon would win. Just saying.

20. I really dislike having baths. I find them to be a huge waste of time and can’t stand stewing in my own filth. Even bubble baths only last fifteen minutes at the most before I go stir crazy. 

21. I’m consistently cold. 

22. Broccoli and Cheese soup is my favourite soup to eat. 

23. I have an intense and completely irrational fear of zombies. I am a candyass when it comes to horror movies, especially zombie ones. People think I'm exaggerating but seriously, SHAUN OF THE DEAD kept me up late in bed, listening intently for any weird sounds outside that might indicate a zombie invasion.

24. For about one week every couple of months I eat an absurd amount of apples. I don’t really know why, just kinda happens.

25. I like to play Blokus.


  1. Haha most of these are cute x3 wtf is Blokus tho?

  2. http://www.blokus.com/

    It's a boardgame that i guess can be played online too. :)

  3. How very worthy of Facebook. :) Everyone should post a similar list, though - you learn a lot about a person this way!

  4. Haha, nice facts, some of them also apply to me.

  5. You sounds pretty awesome =D lol

    We should totally party one day =D xD

  6. Hey, all partying will be strictly regulated by the already-in-place party schedule. It was originally designed by the Party Cat (a hysterical webcomic you should google for, should you not have heard of it), but very few adjustments will be made.

    That, and keep your hands to yourself, Jakeman.

  7. Haha we dont like a lot of the same things! :P

  8. facts about your facts or more questions i mean,

    1: what car do you have
    2: hell yeah blokus!

  9. Well, I just happen to match up with you on about 10 of these. Whoa.

    Stop by if you have some time (by my blog, that is!)

  10. Some of these make your life sound miserable!

  11. Haha Dan! Yeah, I guess some of these do make my life sound miserable. Just to clear the air, I'm actually quite an ubeat and cheerful person with many things to be thankful for. Maybe I just have a habit of writing depressing things? But in all seriousness, zombies terrify me. Like, for realz.